Writing and being creative has always been a part of my character. I remember as a kid submitting a product idea to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When they responded my parents couldn’t believe it, and wondered if they realized how old I was. I never found out it they used the idea and made money off an 8 yr. old kid.

Soon I began submitting ideas to other companies, which always got a reply. But it wasn’t until middle school that I discovered my writing talent. After being published in a University publication my 7th grade teacher told me I had a gift for putting words together. Unfortunately, I was the class trouble maker and was expelled from school many times, 90% for fighting. However, I graduated high school at age 16, not surprising to anyone, which seemed odd at the time.

In 12th grade I was the editor-in-chief for the school newspaper and was published again, this nationally. I remember my instructor asking if I was going to let anyone cover stories, or at least make the front page. Not that I was being selfish but I was the editor so everyone on campus would always stop by, hoping for an interview. And of course I obliged.

I started college at age 17, but never finished. Yes, I’m a college dropout. Anyway, I became the editor-in-chief again after dethroning my predecessor. HaHa! Actually he graduated, but not before we made the local news, and not for covering the basketball game either. Let’s just leave it at that. Wow! Why am I telling you all this? Because this is me. Oh, I almost forgot I wrote and produced a one-act play for the junior college, which made the news also. Shot out to my tv/radio broadcasting instructors.

Ok this is becoming redundant so I’ll say briefly that I was an editor at the University level also, and wrote for two local publications. Then I stopped and entered the next phase of my life – theatre. For the past 10 years theatre has allowed me to see the world without ever leaving the states. I’ve done many international shows and promotions.

Writing as always been my passion though. Just ask my Mom about the drawer and boxes of my unpublished works. On that note thank you Mom, and Dad – my first and only hero for still believing in me. I hope this makes you proud. And thank everyone who has invested time in me thus far.

Is that enough? In conclusion; I am writing again and hope you enjoy this part of our journey. #LETSGO

O. Collins


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