Jade Bryce talks red carpet dress and more.


Jade Bryce

By O. Collins

Flashback to the red carpet of last week’s Fighters Only Awards. Celebs were strutting their stuff while cameras clicked and flashed away. Then came the highlight of the showcase – Jade Bryce’s dress. The Ring Girl of the Year nominee says, “We wanted to find something that would have a reaction,” on discussing her ideas with stylist Jesse J.
“J” pulled the dress from kickacustomdesign.com , which originally had a slip that Bryce removed and replaced with her American Apparel bathing suit. “I sent him some ideas of what I wanted.. & he came pretty close,” she explained about process.
Bryce doesn’t necessarily have any thoughts on all the buzz but “definitely.. happy to receive such a positive response!” She is even willing to auction the dress for a good cause – invisible children. In our interview I also got the scoop on Jade’s acting career, her thoughts on the failed Bellator and WSOF beef, and another not-so PG subject.

Q. If voting remained open through the red carpet do you think the dress would have sealed the deal?

I don’t necessarily think the decisions are entirely up to us haha. So not necessarily..

Q. Why does the whole world seemed so obsessed with a nice rear end?

I don’t know, but I am!! I have a butt fetish haha. I catch myself looking at butts a lot! I’d like 2 more inches on mine.. Although everyone says I have a big one, I think it’s small! So I’m confused when I get press over it haha.

Q. If you had to vote for Brittany  as ring girl of the year what would’ve be the reasons? 

I actually don’t know anything about her but I think she’s very pretty! 

Q. Were you surprised at any of the winners on that night?

Yes. I thought Urijah would have won fighter of the year. He really deserved it.

Q. In your opinion how has the awards evolved since the first show?

The sport has grown so much, it’s been wonderful to see that in the awards also. The amount of people that tuned in was awesome.

Q. Do you like the idea of MMA promotions such as WSOF and Bellator challenging each other to see who’s the best?

I don’t really have any feelings on that, I think anything that promotes the fighters & their careers is great. I don’t love the competition between other leagues because I love promoting the sport as a whole.

Q. You recently posted your IMDb profile on FB. Tell us about the recent film projects you were involved with, and what to expect in the future.

 I did a horror feature that will be in 100 theaters – book of habbalah, am filming Lost in Austin next month with Craig Robinson & Skeet Ulrich that will premiere at sundance, & in May I’ll be filming 25 that is a slapstick comedy. I play an interrogator in that one haha

Fingers crossed for many more!

Q. Who is the most recognizable ring girl in MMA?
I’d say arriany Celeste…

Q. Any other comments

Be kind to each other. We are all connected & just want to be happy! Let’s help each other.



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